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26 de febrero de 2015 | PWC

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing major upheavals, as PwC noted in earlier Pharma 2020 papers. Many companies have responded by trying to discover, develop and market medicines more efficiently, but they’ve invested relatively little effort in reconfiguring their manufacturing and distribution operations to date.

Yet the supply chain is just as important; it’s the link between the laboratory and the marketplace. Unfortunately, it’s a link that frequently doesn’t work very well. Most pharma companies have complex supply chains that are under-utilised and inefficient. Worse still, they are ill-equipped to cope with the sort of products that are coming down the pipeline. By 2020, many of the medicines the industry makes will be specialist therapies that require totally different manufacturing and distribution techniques from those used to produce small molecules. In short, the pharmaceutical supply chain needs a radical overhaul, and we predict that it will undergo three key changes over the next decade. This PwC report gives a full insight on the topic.

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