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Bienvenido a la mayor red profesional del sector sanitario

Publicaciones - Deloitte

Este reporte de Deloitte de perspectivas globales en 2016 analiza el estado actual del sector de Ciencias de la Vida, explora tendencias que impactan a los mercados y organizaciones, proporciona perspectivas regionales y sugiere planteamientos para los actores clave en su búsqueda de incrementar ganancias y participación dentro del mercado.

Este informe de Deloitte examina los factores que afectan al sector global de la atención de salud, ofrece un resumen de la actividad en los diferentes mercados geográficos, y sugiere consideraciones para las partes interesadas, con miras hacia el 2016.

Deloitte’s UK Centre for Health Solutions has published numerous reports on the current and future issues of the healthcare market place. Its work is typically precise and evidence based, focused on the challenges of today and the solutions of tomorrow. This report is entirely different. 

This Deloitte report explores the key events of the past 24 months in the health care market and explores four key themes pharmaceutical companies should consider as they think about their future in China. 

Mergers-and-acquisitions (M&A) activity has become the dominant force shaping the global life sciences and health care industry. This report reveals that partnerships and informal collaborations also form an important part of the picture as companies continue to grapple with a rapidly shifting landscape.

The future pharmaceutical landscape will continue to prove challenging for the industry, as financial crises exert long-term effects on a country's pharmaceutical industry. This report focuses on the crisis in Europe, and its impact on pharmaceutical companies who are active in Europe, particularly Western Europe which has borne the brunt of the crisis.

Global HCP Transparency Study to provide insights into countries’ current and anticipated regulatory requirements for tracking payments and transfers of value that life sciences companies make to health care professionals and organizations (HCP/O).

New Deloitte survey of 295 senior life sciences executives looks at how life sciences companies are adapting to global health reforms. Report also looks at three country case studies – Brazil, China, and Germany

A key to promoting sustainable enterprise excellence can lie in an organization's ability to harness the potential of clinical systems that can drive insights that enable informed decision making. 

In this white paper, the framework gauges the relative product/process innovativeness of ‘Big Pharma’ companies. The framework uses an in-house global innovation index to map with the calculated total returns score for each of the companies.

This INFOBrief focuses on consumers and health plans. Believing that health plans vary greatly in both quality and price, consumers are ready to customize and shop for insurance; however, they seek more choices and better tools to find the right fit and best value.

Inspired by recent Deloitte Belgium engagement with a large vaccine manufacturer, a European team of practitioners specializing in the area of HEOR recently published a report on identifying efficiencies in the provisioning of vaccines.

The mobile market is expanding rapidly. Device sales in the U.S. alone are expected to grow from 172 million in 2009 to 215 million in 2016, while revenue from mobile data usage is expected to grow from $35 billion in 2008 to $180 billion in 2016. 

The primary objectives in conducting this initial survey were to understand how health informatics was valued in the industry and how confident organizations were in their ability to realize that value.

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