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Bienvenido a la mayor red profesional del sector sanitario

Publicaciones - McKinsey&Company

Insights from an international survey to help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization. McKinsey's research revealed surprising and actionable insights about what patients really want, which can in turn inform how healthcare organizations begin their digital patient-enablement journey.

Thos McKinsey & Company's analysis of pharma launches confirms a weak first-to-market advantage on average, but with significant nuances dependent on market context. The article seeks to identify those situations where first-to-market advantage is strong and those where it does not hold.

The potential for personalized medicine to transform clinical practice has been subject of discussion and hype over the last decade. The industry is poised for rapid growth because of recent advances in the field, including more sophisticated diagnostic technologies and larger understanding of disease heterogeneity.

An era of open information in healthcare is now under way. We have already experienced a decade of progress in digitizing medical records, as pharmaceutical companies and other organizations aggregate years of research and development data in electronic databases.  

España ha conseguido avanzar significativamente en su modelo sanitario en los últimos 30 años y gracias a eso partimos de una buena posición relativa. Pero el sistema va a enfrentarse a retos significativos en los próximos años.  

This McKinsey report highlights the specific challenges generic-manufacturing companies will face in upcoming years and suggest areas in which emerging opportunities might be found. Although there is still room for growth in generics, delivering it has become more complex.  

Europe’s pharmaceutical industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. At the same time, fundamental shifts are taking place in the wider society as digital, mobile, and social technologies affect every aspect of how we live, play, and work.  

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